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This paper examines the detection of parameterized shapes in multidimensional noisy grayscale images. A novel shape detection algorithm utilizing random sample theory is presented. Although the method can be generalized, line detection is detailed. Each line in the image corresponds to a point in the line parameter space. The method creates hypothesis lines by randomly selecting parameter space points and tests the surrounding regions for acceptable linear features. The information obtained from each randomly selected line is used to update the parameter distribution, which reducesi the required number of random trials. The selected lines are re-estimated within a smaller search space with a more accurate algorithm like the Hough transform (HT). Faster results are obtained compared to HT, without losing performance as in other faster HT variants. The method is robust and suitable for binary or grayscale images. Results are given from both simulated and experimental subsurface seismic and ground penetrating radar (GPR) images when searching for features like pipes or tunnels.


Line detection, Hough Transform, Tunnel Detection, Random sampling, Subsurface shape detection

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