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In this work, semiconductor step-index single waveguide has been analyzed by Alpha Method. A requested quantity of wave guide can be obtained in terms of normalized propagation constant, which is represented by alpha belonging to active region. Based on this method, structural properties of the material containing any requested quantity of the waveguide is theoretically calculated, when the width of the active region, the refractive indices of the regions and the wavelength are given. In the TE mode some important parameters, such as the propagation constants for regions of the semiconductor step-index single waveguide, the wave numbers, the effective index of refraction of the active region, the dielectric constant, the phase constant, the absorption coefficients, and the confinement factors of the regions, stray ratios of the field probabilities to the cladding regions from the active region, arised power per unit length and effective mass of electron in the active region, \eta , \zeta coordinate variables for energy eigenvalues for charged carriers in the orthogonal coordinate system \zeta -\eta , have been estimated, calculated theoretically and validities of found formulas have been tested, numerically. Since the effective refractive index belonging to the active region is constant, the quantities such as the phase constant, the phase velocity, the dielectric constant, the parameters \eta , \zeta , the field amplitudes, the power raised per unit length, and effective mass of the electron being constant have been observed. In this novel study, some design parameters such as the normalized frequency and a specially normalized propagation constant have been obtained, depending on some parameters which are functions of energy eigenvalues of the carriers such as electrons and holes confined in a semiconductor single asymmetric and symmetric step-index wave guide (SCSAaSSIWG) for even and odd fields. Some optical expressions about the optical power and probability quantities for the active region and cladding layers of the SCSAaSSIWG have been investigated in terms of these parameters.


Normalized frequency, normalized propagation constant, wave number, confinement factor, field probability ratio

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