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The basic problem of simulation and modeling of Image Intensified Charge Coupled Device (ICCD) is the difference between the analytical Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) formulation used in the model and the experimentally obtained MTF. An investigation into the MTF of ICCD sub-components reveal that the MTF of the Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) is the main factor in this deviation. In this study, a regulation factor for the MTF of 3^{rd} generation IITs has been developed. A commonly used MTF formulation for IITs has been modified to include a regulation factor which has helped produce more precise MTF values for the Night Vision Sight (NVS) device. The results obtained through the new formulation have been compared with the experimental results and it is revealed that the proposed formulation yields MTF values within 3% of the experimental results, on average, while the most commonly used formulation produces approximately 29.5% difference, which amounts to almost 10% improvement in analytical analysis. The analysis is then extended to other generations of IITs where similar improvements have been achieved.


Image intensified charge coupled device (ICCD), image intensified tube, modulation transfer function, simulation.

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