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Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANETs) are expected to play an important role in tactical military networks by providing infrastructureless communication. However, maintaining secure and instant information sharing is a difficult task especially for highly dynamic military MANETs. To address this requirement, we propose a new multi-tier adaptive military MANET security protocol using hybrid cryptography and signcryption. In our protocol, we bring novelties to secure military MANET communication for three main points: Cryptographic methods used in MANETs, hybrid key management protocols and structural organization of the military MANETs. As a new approach, we use hybrid cryptography mechanisms and Elliptic Curve Pintsov-Vanstone Signature Scheme (ECPVSS) that provide security and performance advantages when compared to some traditional cryptographic methods. Furthermore, multi-leveled security approach of our protocol provides adaptive solutions according to the requirements of different military units in the MANET. We also use a hybrid key management technique that combines the benefits of both decentralized protocols with single point of failure resistivity and centralized protocols with low rekeying cost. Last, the proposed network structure facilitates certification and key management for the MANET by providing flexibility for Mobile Backbone Network (MBN) tiers.


Network Security, Military Ad-hoc network, Cryptography, Signcryption, Multi-tiered Structures

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