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To take into account~certain ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) aspects~and especially to evaluate the magnetic fields radiated by electronic components, different radiated emission models have been created. Within IRSEEM, a magnetic field model based on equivalent sources (electric dipoles) placed on a plane has been developed. Thus, this paper presents the modelling procedure that requires~magnetic near-field measurements and matrix inversion methods. Concerning the measurements of the field radiated by the component under test,~a near-field test bench with a loop antenna is used to~quantify the tangential components of the magnetic field in amplitude and phase. Then, these data are used as input to determine the parameters of the model: the orientation in the plane and the current of each dipole. The aim of our study is to insert this model into one of the most commonly used commercial electromagnetic tools (based on~Finite Element Method) to make it helpful for engineers. In this context, a macro has been developed to draw and define each dipole in the software. The modelling and insertion procedure are validated by the characterization of a passive circuit such as a 90° hybrid coupler and an active component (microcontroller).


Near-field measurement, radiated emission model, electromagnetic simulation software, EMC engineering.

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