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Recently, Turanecio Hamzaoğlu was described as a new genus for the scientific world. Turanecio has been distributed as far as Asia, Iran, Caucasus, and Iraq. A phylogenetic analysis based on nrDNA and cpDNA gene regions was performed to determine the position of the genus within the subtribe Adenostylinae. Results from Bayesian and parsimony analyses of the nuclear and chloroplast DNA regions of the subtribe Senecioninae concordantly indicated that it is monophyletic and belongs to the Quadridentate group, with 4-lobed disc flowers. Nuclear DNA data revealed that some of the researched taxa should be transferred to Turanecio and some taxonomical classifications should be conducted for them. Therefore, Iranecio massagetovii and Dolichorrhiza caucasica were transferred to Turanecio and a new combination nova was suggested for them. Moreover, it was proposed as a monotypic species of a new genus, Kazbegia.


Asteraceae, ITS, Senecioneae, trnL intron, Türkiye

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