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Medicinal plants are increasingly used to treat skin diseases and as cosmetics. Türkiye has a rich diversity of medicinal flora, and patients have a choice of ethnomedicines to manage various dermatology problems. This comprehensive review aims to summarize the primary information available on the dermatological properties of medicinal plants in Türkiye and provide a baseline for the detection of new plant species having efficacy against skin conditions. In this review, clinical and experimental data were researched using relevant search terms in scientific literature databases like PubMed, Web of Science, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, Scopus, EBSCO, ProQuest, Cochrane Library, and HighWire Press. The results are presented in different tables along with a regional comparative analysis. The study revealed that 439 taxa belonging to 89 families are used for the ethnomedical treatment of skin diseases or as cosmetics. The most commonly mentioned species are Plantago lanceolata L., Malva neglecta Wallr., Plantago major L., Juglans regia L., Hypericum perforatum L., Rubus sanctus Schreb., Urtica dioica L., Juniperus oxycedrus L., Echium italicum L., and Rosa canina L. This is the first nationwide ethnopharmacological review conducted in Türkiye for the treatment of dermatological disorders. Moreover, it is a contributing resource for further studies on using herbal remedies for the treatment of skin diseases.


Folk medicine, skin diseases, ethnobotany, Türkiye

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