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Fistulinella distromatica sp. nov. is described based on morphological and molecular data. It is characterized by the following features: pileus surface that is subviscid with appressed, small brownish fribrillose-squamulose; subviscid, minutely subviscid, minutely punctate stipe that is yellow at the base; the relatively large inamyloid spores; hymenial cystidia up to 70 µm long; two-layered stipitipellis with a trichodermal suprastipitipellis and interwoven substipitipellis that is interwoven in a strongly gelatinized matrix. Fistulinella distromatica clusters phylogenetically with a sequence of F. campinaranae var. scrobiculata recorded from Bahia, and in a distinct branch from Colombian Amazon material. Since Bahian specimens are morphologically and molecularly different from Amazonian ones, a new species is described. Description, drawings, photographs, discussion with comparison to similar taxa are provided.

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