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Dianthus berkayii belongs to sect. Fimbriati was described and illustrated as a new species from Erzincan Province in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. In the current study morphological, palynological, and molecular characters were compared and discussed with its closely related species. The new species is similar to D. crinitus with fimbriate corolla, linear, acuminate, ± rigid leaves. Also similar to D. vanensis with fimbriate corolla, linear, acuminate, ± rigid, curved divaricate leaves. But distinctly different from D. crinitus by having linear and curved divaricate leaves, stem with 3?4(?5) internodes (not 5?8), a style much longer than petals, and different from D. vanensis with narrower leaves, ebarbulate and long fimbriate corolla. The bracts of D. berkayii are 1/3 of the length of the calyx, but not equal to the calyx length. The IUCN threat category of D. berkayii was determined to be "CR (Critically Endangered)" therewithal it is an Irano-Turanian element. In the study, the geographical distributions of D. berkayii, D. crinitus, and D. vanensis are also mapped, the identification key of these species was provided, pollen morphology and phylogenetic analyses based on ITS region of rDNA and ecological notes are also presented.


Dianthus, taxonomy, palynology, phylogeny, Turkey

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