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Two new species of Agaricus, namely A. midnapurensis and A. purpureosquamulosus, belonging to A. subg. Minores, are proposed here as new to science based on specimens collected in West Bengal, India. Agaricus midnapurensis is distinguished by its medium-sized basidiomata with a pileus covered by greyish brown to brown or dark brown squamules, ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid basidiospores with a mean value of 7.3 × 5.4 µm, and broadly clavate to pyriform cheilocystidia, 22-28 × 10-14 µm. Agaricus purpureosquamulosus has purplish coloured pileus squamules, ellipsoid to elongate basidiospores with a mean value of 7.3 × 4.5 µm, and clavate cheilocystidia measuring 17-21 × 5-7 µm. In addition, A. glabriusculus is reported for the first time in India. Detailed morphological descriptions, field photographs of the collected basidiomata, comparisons with morphologically similar species and a phylogenetic tree based on the nrDNA ITS sequence data are provided


Eastern India, new record, nrDNA ITS, taxonomy, two new species

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