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Pluteus and Volvopluteus are two closely related genera of Pluteaceae that comprise saprotrophic fungi. Although the genera have been well-studied in Europe and North and South America, the diversity of Pluteus, mainly Pluteus sect. Pluteus, and Volvopluteus in Turkey is poorly known due to insufficient morphological descriptions and a lack of DNA sequence data. In this study, the diversity of Pluteus sect. Pluteus and Volvopluteus in Turkey is evaluated by employing both morphological features and phylogenetic approaches. A general phylogeny of Pluteus sect. Pluteus based on sequences of nuc rDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 = ITS) region is presented and four species are given as new records for Turkey: P. brunneidiscus, P. hongoi, P. pellitus, and P. primus. According to the results of the multigene molecular analyses (ITS, 28S = nrLSU, and 18S = nrSSU datasets) of the genus Volvopluteus, the occurrence of Volvopluteus earlei is reported for the first time in Turkey. Besides, the ITS sequences data of the Turkish collections of P. atromarginatus, P. cervinus, P. kovalenkoi, P. petasatus, P. pouzarianus, P. salicinus, P. shikae, and ITS, 28S and 18S data for V. gloiocephalus are given for the first time. The detailed descriptions, color photographs, and microscopic drawings of the newly recorded species are provided, and their comparisons with morphological and phylogenetically similar species are discussed.


Basidiomycota, phylogeny, internal transcribed spacer, large subunit, small subunit, fungal taxonomy

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