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miRNAs have been characterized as a regulator of main processes in plants by silencing genes. The functions of microRNAs have been studied in various crops, hovewer, no studies have been observed about miRNAs in Italian rygrass (Lolium multiflorum L.) against drought stress. This experiment aimed to reveal the involvement of miRNAs against drought stress in sensitive and tolerant Italian ryegrass genotypes. Four genotypes (G1 and G2 as drought sensitive - G3 and G4 as drought tolerant) were selected. The sensitivities of these genotypes against drought stress were verified by performing growth parameters, relative water and proline contents under normal and drought conditions. The results show that the relative expression of the miRNAs revealed both similarities and differences between sensitive and tolerant Italian ryegrass genotypes. Under drought conditions, significant upregulations (miRNA156i, miRNA845a) and downregulations (miRNA2937, miRNA3980b) were observed in drought tolerant genotypes. Similarly, significant upregulation (miRNA845a) and downregulation (miRNA5636) were observed in drought sensitive genotypes under drought conditions. The results indicate that miRNA3980b, miRNA156i, and miRNA2937 are responsible for drought stress tolerance in tolerant Italian ryegrass. These miRNAs could be used to develop Italian ryegrass plants that tolerate drought stress conditions.


Abiotic stress, forage crop, transcription regulation

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