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Drastic recircumscription of Pentanema (Asteraceae) has resulted in transfers of many species from Inula, whereas hybrids with binomials have not received new combinations yet. However, names for interspecific hybrids of Inula auct. are in active current use, and a dozen nothospecies are regularly mentioned in floras, checklists, and research papers. I have facilitated 12 new combinations for nothospecies in Pentanema: P. ×adriaticum (Borbás) Seregin (P. hirtum × P. spiraeifolium), P. ×haussmannii (Huter) Seregin (P. ensifolium × P. hirtum), P. ×hispidum (Schur) Seregin (P. asperum × P. hirtum), P. ×hybridum (Baumg.) Seregin (P. ensifolium × P. germanicum), P. ×litorale (Borbás) Seregin (P. ensifolium × P. spiraeifolium), P. ×mucheri (Starm.) Seregin (P. salicinum × P. squarrosum), P. ×savii (Beck) Seregin (P. salicinum × P. spiraeifolium), P. ×semiamplexicaule (Reut.) Seregin (P. helveticum × P. salicinum), P. ×strictum (Tausch) Seregin (P. ensifolium × P. salicinum), P. ×suaveolens (Jacq.) Seregin (P. oculus-christi × P. squarrosum), P. ×transsilvanicum (Schur) Seregin (P. asperum × P. germanicum), P. ×vrabelyianum (Kern.) Seregin (P. asperum × P. ensifolium). A lectotype is designated for Inula ×hausmannii Huter in place of the superseded neotype published in 2019. Examples of current use are given for each hybrid. Availability of the new names will certainly be helpful for wider use and acceptance of Pentanema.


Inuleae, nomenclature, new combinations, Europe

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