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In this study, the synopsis of the taxa of the genus Trigonella in Turkey is presented. It is represented with 34 taxa in Turkey. The name of Trigonella coelesyriaca was misspelled to Flora of Turkey and the correct name of this species, Trigonella caelesyriaca, was given in this study. The endemic Trigonella raphanina has been reduced to synonym of T. cassia and T. balansae is reduced to synonym of T. corniculata. In addition, T. spruneriana var. sibthorpii is reevaluated as a distinct species. Lectotypification was designated for T. capitata, T. spruneriana and T. velutina. Neotypification was decided for T. cylindracea and T. cretica species. Trigonella taxa used to be represented by 52 taxa in the Flora of Turkey. However, they have later been evaluated by different studies under 32 species (34 taxa) in Turkey. In this study, taxonomic notes, diagnostic keys are provided and general distribution as well as their conservation status of each species within the genus in Turkey is given.


Anatolia, lectotype, Leguminosae, neotype, systematic

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