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The paper presents new records for 39 vascular plant species from eight Eurasian countries. Aniselytron treutleri (Poaceae), Hackelochloa granularis (Poaceae), Melica kozlovii (Poaceae) and Melica nutans (Poaceae) are reported from China; Dichondra micrantha (Convolvulaceae) from Hungary; Orobanche serbica (Orobanchaceae) and Viscum album subsp. austriacum (Santalaceae) from Italy; Petrorhagia prolifera (Caryophyllaceae), Puccinellia schischkinii and Stipa pulcherrima (Poaceae) from Kyrgyzstan; Megadenia speluncarum (Brassicaceae), Phelipanche lavandulacea (Orobanchaceae), Solanum physalifolium (Solanaceae), Thymus lenensis (Lamiaceae) from Russia; Rubus phoenicolasius (Rosaceae) from Slovakia; Atraphaxis karataviensis (Polygonaceae) from Tajikistan; as well as Rubus austroslovacus and R. crispomarginatus (Rosaceae) in addition to Taraxacum acervatulum, T. aequilobum, T. amplum, T. ancistrolobum, T. bellicum, T. collarispinulosum, T. copidophyllum, T. corynodes, T. dentatum, T. gelertii, T. infuscatum, T. ingens, T. lucidum, T. paucilobum, T. plumbeum, T. portentosum, T. sinuatum, T. subhuelphersianum, T. telmatophilum, T. undulatiforme and T. undulatum (Asteraceae) from Ukraine. For each species synonyms, general distribution, habitat preferences, notes on taxonomy with remarks concerning recognition and distinction of the species from the most similar taxa occurring in a given country, as well as a list of recorded localities (often far from the previously known areas) are presented.


Chorology, taxonomy, native species, alien species, Asia, Europe

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