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We studied the application of the neglected name Centaurea leucolepis DC., concluding, by examination of the literature and original material, that the associated taxon is C. corensis Vals. et Filig., endemic to Campania region (southern Italy) and introduced into Sardinia. The name by Candolle is legitimate and it is here lectotypified by a specimen kept at G. In addition, after field surveys and herbarium searches, we suggest that this taxon should be considered as a subspecies of C. deusta Ten., a very polymorphic species of south-eastern Europe, proposing a new combination and providing a detailed description. In addition, we provide the validation of the name C. cineraria subsp. sirenum, endemic to Sirenuse islands (province of Salerno). Finally, a new natural hybrid within C. sect. Centaurea (C. montaltensis × C. deusta subsp. deusta) is described on the basis of the diagnosis and a specimen at PI by Michele Guadagno.


Bay of Naples, Centaurinae, endemic plants, Lacaita, Mediterranean flora, Tenore

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