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An integrated approach to the study of taxa of the genus Hypericum occurring in Sicily is proposed. The results of morphological, biochemical, and molecular analyses are combined to better assess the relationships between the species investigated and test the suitability of DNA barcoding technique in the discrimination of these taxa. For the name Hypericum aegypticum subsp. webbii (Spach) N. Robson a lectotype is designated. For Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra a lectotype and a supporting epitype are designated. The presence of Hypericum perforatum L. subsp. perforatum is excluded from Sicily and the previous reports have to be referred to H. perforatum subsp. veronense (Schrank) Ces. Hypericum perfoliatum L. and H. pubescens Boiss. are close morphologically and chemically, as well as based on the results from rcbL marker, although belonging to different sections. Biochemical analyses confirmed the relevant amounts in bioactive metabolites of the studied taxa. Hypericum perfoliatum L. is proposed as a valid alternative to H.perforatum L. for cultivation with phytotherapic purposes.


Taxonomy, morphometry, biochemistry, DNA barcoding, nomenclature

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