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The mustard species [(Brassica juncea (brown mustard),B. nigra (black mustard),B. rapa syn. B. campestris (field mustard or turnip), and Sinapis alba (white mustard or yellow mustard)] constitute important genetic resources and sources of raw materials to large number of agrobased industries in Turkey and elsewhere. S. alba is usually used as a condiment in dry form. B. nigra is used as a condiment and as vegetable with dietary fibre, vitamin C, and other anticancer compounds. B. juncea is used for oil and as spice. B. rapa is popularly used for biofuel raw material. However, there is poor focus on their breeding and varietal development for industrial purposes like biofuel production etc. Therefore, they are rightly called neglected crops in Turkey. The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive information about appropriate mustard species that can be evaluated in different sectors and bring innovations in laying new scientific foundations of the subject. As such, this paper has compiled information about economic importance, general characteristics, and ethnobotanical uses of the mustards found in Turkey.


B. juncea, B. nigra, B. rapa, energy plant, medicinal plant, oil plant, S. alba

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