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This study provides an identification key to the species of Riccia in Turkey and also gives information about detailed morphological and anatomic characters, reproductive forms, detailed photos of Riccia species and their spores, ecological preferences, and distribution patterns in the Mediterranean, Europe, and Southwest Asia. The number of Riccia taxa in Turkey has reached 27 including R. atromarginata, reported for the first time from Turkey in this study. Additionally, the presence of R. gougetiana var. armatissima and R. trabutiana in Turkey is confirmed here. This study reports other distribution areas of the species R. bicarinata, R. ciliata, R. ciliifera, R. crystallina, and R. papillosa, which were added to the country`s flora some years ago, beyond previously known locations. Riccia rhenana recorded from Işıklı Lake, Denizli, by Walter has not been reported again from the original locality or other areas in Turkey. Within this study, all previously recorded localities and surroundings were searched in detail for the species without success. Different localities have often led to the expansion of knowledge on where these species particularly disperse all over the Mediterranean climate regions in Turkey. Additionally, in this study, Turkish names are proposed for four newly reported taxa.


Riccia, liverworts, taxonomy, new record, Bryophyte flora, Turkey

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