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Astragalus devesae Talavera, A. González & G. López (Fabaceae) is a threatened Hispanic endemic species whose distribution is restricted to the center of Spain (the province of Ávila). It is classified as ?Critically Endangered? in the 2010 List of Threatened Spanish Vascular Flora and as ?Endangered? in the ?Decree 63/2007? of Castile and Leon (administrative region in which Ávila is included). In this study, censuses of three existing populations were carried out and one of these that was found along the course of this work, was ecologically characterized. High interpopulation variability (0%, 26%, and 73%) was observed with respect to seed germination rates, obtained through germination tests using chemical scarification with sulfuric acid (H2SO4). In addition, successful experimental population reinforcement was carried out (40%?60% survival of individuals) using plants obtained from previously germinated seeds. The results of this work contribute positively to the conservation of this species, although further studies to understand its biology and to find new populations are required.


Astragalus, chemical scarification, endangered species, in situ and ex situ conservation, population reinforcement, seed germination

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