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The specific diversity of Neotropical orchid genus Frondaria is evaluated based on morphological data. Frondaria was considered a monospecific taxon for years; however, our recent studies on Andean orchids indicated that it is actually much more variable. Within Colombian material, we found a species which does not fit the morphological description of F. caulescens and described it here as a new species named F. colombiana . The novelty is characterized by inflorescence being three times as long as the ramicaul, the tridentate leaf apex with middle tooth as long as lateral ones, papillate apices of sepals, and oblong-ligulate lip middle lobe which is papillate along margins and in the apical part. The taxonomic status of P. graminea was evaluated, and based on the gathered data; this species should be considered separate from F. caulescens as well . The comparative morphology of all three Frondaria species is provided. Additionally, Octomeria tenuis is lectotypified.


Biodiversity, Orchidaceae, Pleurothallidinae, taxonomy

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