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Resistance gene analogs (RGAs), peroxidases (POXs), and WRKY transcription factors are gene families related to stress-response pathways that regulate enhancement of stress tolerance in crop plants. In this study, the polymorphisms of these gene families were determined in the genus Lens Miller and Vicia montbretii (Fish. And Mey) Davis and Plitmann. A total of 32 genotypes of 7 lentil taxa, including 1 accession of cultivated lentil (Lens culinaris Medik. Subsp. culinaris), 11 accessions of L. Culinaris subsp. Orientalis (Boiss.) Ponert, 3 accessions of L. Culinaris subsp. Tomentosus Ladiz., 4 accessions of L. Culinaris subsp. Odemensis Ladiz., 3 accessions of L. Ervoides (Brign.) Grande, 4 accessions of L. Lamottei Czefr., 4 accessions of L. Nigricans (M.Bieb.) Godr., and 2 accessions of V. Montbretii, were used. Sixty-eight RGA, 22 POX, and 13 WRKY primers were used for molecular analysis. After using these degenerate primers in polymerase chain reaction, the highest polymorphism rate (90%) was observed in WRKY, followed by POX (89%) and RGA (79%). Lens culinaris Medik. Subsp. Culinaris had the lowest number of RGA and POX bands. Most RGA markers were obtained from L. Culinaris subsp. Tomentosus, L. Culinaris subsp. Orientalis, L. Culinaris subsp. Odemensis, L. Ervoides, and L. Nigricans. Similarly, the number of WRKY markers was the highest in L. Nigricans and L. Culinaris subsp. Orientalis. Lens nigricans had the highest number of POX markers among lentils. The highest numbers of RGA, POX, and WRKY markers in L. Nigricans and L. Culinaris subsp. Orientalis were in agreement with resistance for biotic and abiotic stresses, as these two taxa in the genus Lens Miller were resistant to many stresses. These results indicate that primers related to RGA, POX, and WRKY gene families may be considered potential markers for developing stress-related resistance genotypes.


Biotic and abiotic stress, disease resistance, lentil, molecular markers, polymorphism

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