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Basidiomes of Alnicola subconspersa (Kühner ex P.D. Orton) Bon, Amanita pachyvolvata (Bon) Krieglst., Cortinarius azureus Fr., Cortinarius vernus H. Lindstr. And Melot, Melanogaster variegatus (Vittad.) Tul. And C. Tul., Paxillus ammoniavirescens Contu and Dessì, and Paxillus cuprinus P. Jargeat, H. Gryta, J.P. Chaumeton and A. Vizzini were reported for the first time for the Turkish mycota from Trabzon. Plant species, possible mycorrhizal relationships, and superficial morphologic structures were noted and photos were taken in situ in the collection area. The samples were brought to the laboratory and dried for future microscopic studies. Basidiospores, cystidia, basidia, marginal cells, and pileipellis of the specimens were observed and measured. Identifications were made according to the data obtained from the collection site, morphological studies, and the current literature. Images, descriptions, and a brief discussion about the new records are provided.

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