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The aim of the current study was to reveal the syntaxonomical structure of Pinus brutia Ten. Forests and the preforest communities in the vicinity of Antalya Gulf. Of the preforest communities, Dorsytaecho hastatae-Oleutum oleastri ass. Nova is individualized as a paraclimax association. Although little is known about the syntaxonomy of the communities of cliff, rupicolous, and mural communities in the thermomediterranean zone, these are connected with the classes Asplenietea trichomanis (Br.-Bl. İn Meier and Br.-Bl. 1934) Oberd. 1977 and Onosmetalia frutescentis Quézel 1964. In the west of the gulf, Phlomido bourgaei-Pinetum brutiae Akman et al. 1998 and its three subassociations were determined: quercetosum aucheri subass. Nova, phlomidetosum lyciae subass. Nova, and iridetosum unguiculariae subass. Nova. The red pine communities in the western side of the gulf are included in Ceratonio-Rhamnion oleoidis Barbero and Quézel 1979 of the order Pistacio lentisci-Rhamnetalia alaterni Rivas Martinez 1975 belonging to the class Quercetea ilicis Braun-Blanq. İn Braun-Blanq., Roussine and Nègre 1952.Two new associations, Phlomido leucophtactae-Pinetum brutiae ass. Nova and Glycyrrhiza asymetrica-Pinetum brutiae ass. Nova, which are rich in endemics, were determined particularly at the eastern coastal zone of the gulf. These were included in the alliance Quercion calliprini (Zohary 1962) Quézel, Barbero and Akman 1978 of the order Pistacio lentisci-Rhamnetalia alaterni of Quercetea ilicis.


Syntaxonomy, thermo- and eumediterranean zone, Pinus brutia Ten., Quercetalia ilicis, Antalya, Turkey

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