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In this study, Tanacetum erzincanense Korkmaz, Kandemir & İlhan is described as a new species for science from Erzincan Province. It was compared with close species by using morphological and random amplified polymorphic DNA data. It resembles T. germanicopolitanum (Bornm. & Heimerl) Grierson and T. pinnatum Boiss. It is closer to T. germanicopolitanum in terms of genetic and morphological aspects. Morphologically, it differs from T. germanicopolitanum by having oblong-oblanceolate basal leaves in outline with flabelliform and fewer leaf segments, less dense indumentum, smaller and globose capitula, and shorter apical appendage in inner phyllaries. T. pinnatum shows difference from T. erzincanense with linear-lanceolate and sparsely pinnatifid leaf segments, less dense indumentum, and clearly larger and fewer capitula. Pollen properties and results of the soil analysis are also given.

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