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The extreme morphological variations and unclear boundaries between varieties can lead to the misleading identification of Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae) varieties. This has encouraged many taxonomists and botanists to study the variation within F. deltoidea. Thus, correct identification of F. deltoidea varieties is important, as several morphological and anatomical characters are variety-specific. The present study aims to evaluate the morphology and anatomy of leaf in 7 varieties of F. deltoidea, namely var. deltoidea, var. angustifolia, var. trengganuensis, var. bilobata, var. intermedia, var. kunstleri, and var. motleyana. It also aims to contribute to the identification of the varieties based on the matured leaf characters. The results reveal varying morphological characters in the type of leaf shape, size, surface texture, margin, midrib dichotomous, and petiole length. Moreover, variations in anatomical characters concerning the structures of the lamina, leaf epidermis, and midrib are also demonstrated.


Ficus deltoidea, leaf, varieties, morphology, anatomy, Moraceae

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