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A natural substance extracted from coal with humic acids as its active ingredients, namely Biomin, was added to nutrient medium and applied to triticale roots 3 days prior to UV-B irradiation treatment. UV-B treatment increased malondialdehyde and anthocyanin contents and the activities of peroxidase and superoxide dismutase, while it decreased chlorophyll content, fresh weight, and shoot length. Catalase and total phenolics content did not change in UV-B-treated shoots. The pretreatment with Biomin showed favorable effects on growth, decreased the oxidative damage provoked by UV-B irradiation, increased the content of UV-B-absorbing compounds, and positively influenced enzymatic activities. The application of Biomin on triticale plants was beneficial for counteracting the UV-B-induced oxidative stress by increasing the content of nonenzymatic antioxidants and antioxidant enzyme activities involved in detoxification of reactive oxygen species.

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