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Leaf remains of 4 lauraceous taxa collected from the Siwalik sediments (Middle Miocene to Pliocene) of Arunachal Pradesh of eastern Himalaya are described in the present communication. One fossil leaf, Cinnamomum palaeobejolghota sp. nov., was recovered from the lower part of the Siwalik succession (Dafla Formation; Middle to Upper Miocene), while Persea mioparviflora sp. nov., Persea preglaucescens sp. nov., and Lindera neobifaria sp. nov. were collected from the middle part of the Siwalik succession (Subansiri Formation; Pliocene) of Arunachal sub-Himalaya. The geographic distribution of the fossils and their modern counterparts is discussed and on that basis tropical vegetation under warm and humid climate during deposition of the Siwalik sediments is suggested. The present study also suggests probable migration of these lauraceous taxa in South-East Asia.

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