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The new species Inula tuzgoluensis M.Öztürk & O.Çetin (Asteraceae) is described from Central Turkey. The species grows on salty marshes, in the Cihanbeyli District of Konya Province. Inula tuzgoluensis, an endemic confined to Central Anatolia, is related to I. aucheriana DC. The new species is distinct from the closely allied I. aucheriana by habitus, indumentums, leaves, flowers, pollen grains, and achenes. Photos of the new species are provided. Special attention is also given to its ecology and conservation status. In addition, pollen characteristics and achene surface features are examined by scanning electron microscopy. Phylogenetic relationships between closely related Inula species and Phagnalon Cass. were examined with molecular methods performed in the regions of the intersimple sequence repeats. DNA was isolated from the collected samples using modified CTAB protocols. The data were analysed with the PAUP package. Standardised data were used to generate the dendrogram that revealed the phylogenetic relationships of the taxa. The chromosome number for Inula tuzgoluensis was n = x = 9, it and was counted for the first time here.


Compositae, Inula, scanning electron microscopy, palynology, intersimple sequence repeat, Turkey

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