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Azadirachta indica A.Juss. and Melia azedarach L. are 2 closely related species from Meliaceae that are considered noteworthy medicinal plants in the world and have very often been confused with each other. Various evaluations like organoleptic and microscopic characteristics, preliminary phytochemical screening, and fluorescence analysis were carried out on the pulp, husk, leaves, and seeds of both plants in powdered form to establish appropriate data that can aid rapid and easy differentiation between them. The results showed that these 2 species can be differentiated macroscopically and microscopically but tests of phytochemical analysis were not absolutely felicitous for this aim. In addition, the obtained information about the different colours of the powders upon reaction with various reagents and fluorescence analyses of them provided supporting referential parameters for identification and differentiation between these 2 species. Keywords: Azadirachta, fluorescence analysis, Melia, micromorphology, phytochemical screening

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