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The genus Ferulago W.Koch is represented with 49 species in the world and 34 species in Turkey. In this study, comparative fruit anatomical properties based on mericarp shape in transverse section of 27 Ferulago species grown in Turkey are given. A description of Ferulago cypria H.Wolff, which was mentioned as a new record in an unpublished postdoctoral thesis, is also given. As a result of this study, we are able to identify and classify the species of this genus by using anatomical features of the fruit. In addition, an identification key has been prepared to represent the similarities and differences between the species. The number of vittae distributed in the mesocarp demonstrates large differences between closely related species such as F. pauciradiata Boiss. & Heldr. (5-10 vittae) and F. isaurica Peşmen (97-102 vittae). Anatomical studies also confirm morphological classification, e.g., in sections Aucheria and Anisotaenia. According to this study, F. glareosa should be placed in a section other than Anisotaenia.


Apiaceae, Ferulago, fruit, anatomy, Turkey

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