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In this study, the bryophyte flora of Melendiz Mountain (Niğde Province) was investigated. In total, 99 taxa were found in this area. Of these, 4 taxa were liverworts and 95 taxa were mosses. According to Henderson's grid-square system, 39 moss taxa for the B8 square and 12 moss taxa for the C13 square are new records. Among them, Syntrichia caninervis Mitt. var. abranchesii (Luisier) R.H.Zander was recorded for the first time, and Cinclidotus pachylomoides Bizot and Orthotrichum sprucei Mont. were recorded for the second time in Turkey. In addition, the life forms and life strategies of the bryophytes in the area were determined. The turf life form and colonist life strategy for bryophytes of Melendiz Mountain were dominant.


Bryophyte, flora, Melendiz Mountain, Turkey, new national record

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