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Atmospheric pollen grains of Kuşadası were captured using Durham samplers and investigated in 2005. The total number of pollen grains and the pollen grains/cm^2 were calculated from slides that were changed weekly. During the study period a total of 12,980 pollen grains/cm^2 belonging to 44 identified taxa and unidentified pollen grains were recorded at 2 stations. At the first station (S1), 7346 pollen grains were counted per cm^2, while only 5634 pollen grains were counted at the second station (S2). The majority of the investigated pollen grains were from Olea europaea L. (34.46%), Cupressaceae/Taxaceae (30.04%), Pinus spp. (19.71%), Platanus spp. (4.41%), Poaceae (3.70%), and Morus spp. (1.22%). In addition, 41.22% of the annual pollen index was captured in May. According to our results, seasonal pollen durations for the predominant pollen grains in Kuşadası were as follows: nearly the whole year for Cupressaceae/Taxaceae, Pinus spp., and Poaceae; March-September (between the 17th and 35th weeks) for Olea europaea; March-May (between the 11th and 21st weeks) for Platanus spp.; and March-April (between the 11th and 17th weeks) for Morus spp.


Pollen, pollen calendar, Kuşadası, Turkey

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