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A comparative foliar epidermal micromorphology of 5 species of Bauhinia L. belonging to family Leguminosae (Fabaceae) was conducted with a view to elucidating their taxonomic significance and presenting complementary data to aid in the identification of the species. The epidermal cells in all species were polygonal with straight walls except in B. tomentosa L., which had an undulating outline. The stoma types were mainly anisocytic, anomocytic, and paracytic. Among the 5 species, B. blakeana L. was hypostomatic with anisocytic and paracytic stomata. Stomatal indices, frequencies, and sizes were determined. The frequency of stomata differed markedly between different species, with the highest frequency in B. malabarica L. and the lowest in B. tomentosa L. Trichomes were either unicellular or multicellular or both. B. malabarica L. can be identified by its unicellular hooked trichome. Based on the characteristic features, a diagnostic key for identification of the studied species was prepared.


Bauhinia, epidermal characters, stomata, trichomes

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