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The succession of epiphytic bryophytes was investigated in Cedrus libani A.Rich. forest on the Meydan Plateau (Aladağ). A total of 19 taxa (16 mosses, 3 liverworts) were recorded in 90 sampling relevés, 4 dm^2 each. Index of ecological significance (IES) was used to evaluate the ecological importance of the taxa in epiphytic habitats on tree trunks. Additionally, the epiphytic bryophyte succession of the cedar forest was analysed using multivariate classification techniques (TWINSPAN and DECORANA). The multivariate analysis results showed that the epiphytic bryophyte communities were divided into 2 main groups and 5 different subgroups associated with successional gradient. Moreover, habitat affinities of the taxa and their life forms were evaluated along a gradient of height and the gradient of age of the host tree. Tortella tortuosa, Syntrichia ruraliformis, and Bryum capillare were only found on young trees, Zygodon rupestris only on middle-aged trees, and Pterigynandrum filiforme on aged trees.


Epiphytic succession, bryophytes, multivariate analysis, Cedrus libani, Turkey

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