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As a part of a revisional study of the genus Allium L. sect Melanocrommyum Webb et Berthel. in Turkey, detailed studies were conducted on 3 very closely related and taxonomically difficult species cited in the Flora of Turkey: Allium cyrilli Ten., A. atropurpureum Waldst. & Kit., and A. decipiens Fisch. ex Schult. & Schult. f., to clarify their occurrence in Turkey and their taxonomy. The results of this study show that A. atropurpureum and A. decipiens do not occur in Turkey. On the other hand, A. cyrilli is represented by 3 subspecies of which 2 are new for science: subsp. fritschii N.Özhatay & İ.Genç and subsp. asumaniae N.Özhatay & İ.Genç. The diagnostic morphological characters, distribution, conservation status, and colour photographs of the 3 subspecies as well as their chromosome numbers are presented: 2n = 16 (diploid) for subsp. fritschii, and 2n = 32 (tetraploid) for subsp. asumaniae and subsp. cyrilli.


Allium, Melanocrommyum, chromosome number, new subspecies, Turkey

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