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A taxonomic revision of the genus Oxytropis DC. (Leguminosae) in Turkey is presented. According to the recent literature, the genus had 13 taxa in Turkey; however, at the end of our studies the number was reduced to 11. It was determined that Oxytropis engizekensis Duman & Vural is a synonym of O. persica Boiss., and O. fominii Grossh. is a synonym of O. argyroleuca Bornm. Red List categories of the taxa were re-evaluated according to our results based on IUCN Red List categories. The Red List categories of O. pallasii Pers. and O. pilosa (L.) DC., which are ascribed as DD in the Red Data Book of Turkish Plants, were collected and defined in new threat categories after this study. In addition, phytogeographical areas for O. pallasii, O. pilosa, O. albana Steven, and O. lazica Boiss. are suggested here.


Turkey, revision, Oxytropis, Leguminosae

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