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Six populations of Isoetes panchganiensis G.K.Srivast., D.D.Pant & P.K.Shukla growing in different environmental conditions of the Western Ghats have been studied to determine the range of variation within the species. The present investigation does not show any variation in habitat (aquatic), rhizomorph (trilobed), velum (fenestra), and presence or absence of peripheral strands; however, there is a subtle variation in the length of plants, number of leaves, size of megasporangia, and size and ornamentation of the megaspores. The basic organisation of the megaspores of all the populations is almost same, but the finer details of the ornamentation of the megaspores exhibit subtle differences. They may be retate to reticulate. The muri may be complete or incomplete. Megaspores of the Kolahapur population are the largest in diameter, whereas the megaspores of the Khinger population are the smallest in diameter.


Spore, environment, population, Western Ghats, India

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