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Fifteen species of corticioid fungi with heterobasidia are recorded from the forests in the middle of the Seversky Donets River basin (eastern Ukraine) from 2007 to 2011. Of them, 11 species are new to Ukraine. They are Basidiodendron rimulentum (Bourdot et Galzin) Luck-Allen, Ceratobasidium cornigerum (Bourdot) D.P.Rogers, Eichleriella deglubens (Berk. et Broome) Lloyd, Exidiopsis griseobrunnea K.Wells et Raitv. subsp. griseobrunnea, Helicogloea lagerheimii Pat., Stypella grilletii (Boud.) P.Roberts, Tulasnella albida Bourdot et Galzin, T. eichleriana Bres., T. pallida Bres., T. saveloides P.Roberts, and T. thelephorea (Juel) Juel. Two of these species, Exidiopsis griseobrunnea and Tulasnella saveloides, are still known to be from very few European regions, even after being discovered in Ukraine. Furthermore, 3 species (Basidiodendron eyrei (Wakef.) Luck-Allen, Exidiopsis galzinii (Bres.) Killerm., and Tulasnella violea (Quél.) Bourdot et Galzin) are new to the steppe zone and the plain part of Ukraine. Thanatephorus fusisporus (J.Schröt.) Hauerslev et P.Roberts is reported from Ukraine for the second time. Information on the ecology and distribution of the species is presented. Comments are made on the morphology of the specimens examined and original illustrations are provided for all of the species.


Corticioid fungi, Basidiomycota, Tulasnella, morphology, diversity, distribution, Seversky Donets River basin, Ukraine

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