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This study presents the bryophyte flora of the western part of the Küre Mountains, situated in A2 square in the grid system adopted by Henderson, and entirely within the Euro-Siberian phytogeographic region. A total of 1545 bryophyte specimens were collected from the research area in 2008 and 2009. According to the results of this study, 272 taxa belonging to 146 genera and 60 families were recorded. Of these, 2 taxa are hornworts, 53 taxa are liverworts, and 217 taxa are mosses. Among them, 38 taxa are new records for A2 and 4 taxa [Leiocolea badensis (Gottsche) Jörg., Cephaloziella rubella (Ness) Warnst., Diphyscium foliosum (Hedw.) D.Mohr, and Brachythecium tommasinii (Sendtn. ex Boulay) Ignatov & Huttunen] are recorded for the second time in Turkey. In addition, Seligeria trifaria (Brid.) Lindb. and Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Brid.) Z.Iwats are new records for the moss flora of Turkey. At the same time, Pseudotaxiphyllum Z.Iwats. is a new genus record for Turkey.


Hornworts, liverworts, mosses, Küre Mountains, new national records

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