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This research project was conducted to evaluate the use of different waste materials as potting media for the dwarf variety Dahlia hortensis 'Figaro.' A total of 10 treatments were used where each treatment, consisting of 9 plants, was replicated 3 times. The results associated with plant growth parameters indicated that the maximum values for plant height, number of side shoots per plant, number of tubers per plant, flower diameter, and least days to flower emergence were observed in media containing coconut coir; the maximum corm weight per plant, however, was found in T_8, where rice hull was added to silt. The number of flowers per plant was increased in T_9, where silt, coconut coir, dust, sewage sludge, spent mushroom compost, and rice hull were used together in equal proportions. The media containing sewage sludge alone and in combination with silt showed minimum results for these parameters. Sewage sludge, with its higher pH, produced the least results for all plant growth parameters when 50% or more sewage sludge was added to the potting media.


Dahlia, potting media, coconut coir, rice hull, sewage sludge

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