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Atmospheric pollen was collected by a Burkard Volumetric 7-Day spore trap in Konya, Turkey, in 2008. In the present study, the pollen concentration is presented in relation to meteorological parameters (mean temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and wind speed). Pollen grains of 35 taxa were identified. Of these, 18 taxa were arboreal plants, while the others were non-arboreal plants. The distribution of the total pollen grains was as follows: arboreal plants, 61.29%; Poaceae, 16.09%; non-arboreal plants, 20.25%; and undetermined, 2.37%. Arboreal taxa pollen were represented by Pinaceae, Cupressaceae/Taxaceae, Fabaceae, Betulaceae, Quercus L., Juglandaceae, and Aesculus L., while non-arboreal taxa pollen were represented by Poaceae, Asteraceae, Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae, Brassicaceae, Boraginaceae, Plantago L., and Urticaceae. These were the dominant pollen types found in the atmosphere in Konya. In addition, there are generally significant positive effects of temperature and wind speed and a negative influence of relative humidity on the daily pollen levels belonging to those taxa which contribute more than 1% of the total pollen in the Konya atmosphere. The findings of the present study may be helpful for designing allergen panels as well as for allergy doctors and patients suffering from pollen allergies.


Aerobiology, arboreal plants, non-arboreal plants, Poaceae, meteorological parameters

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