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As a part of a revisional study of Stachys L. sect. Eriostomum (Hoffmanns. & Link) Dumort. (Lamiaceae), 4 taxa [S. tymphaea Hausskn., S. thracica Davidov, S. cretica L. subsp. cretica, and S. cretica L. subsp. salviifolia (Ten.) Rech.f.] were recorded for the first time from Turkey. S. cretica subsp. trapezuntica Rech.f., which was described based on 3 syntypes [Bourgeau 695; Sintenis 3432 (designated here as the lectotype); Handel-Mazzetti 324] near Trabzon, had not been collected again since 1907. It was found in 2 syntype localities from Trabzon in 2010 during this study, for the first time in 103 years. For 2 taxa, the categories of other authors were accepted, as opposed to those in Flora of Turkey: S. germanica L. subsp. bithynica (Boiss.) R.Bhattacharjee (a subspecies) was replaced with S. bithynica Boiss. as a species, and S. balansae Boiss. & Kotschy subsp. carduchorum R.Bhattacharjee (a subspecies) was replaced with S. carduchorum (R.Bhattacharjee) Rech.f. as a species. In one taxon, the category of Haussknecht was accepted: S. tymphaea Hausskn. The status of S. libanotica Benth. var. minor Boiss. was changed to S. minor (Boiss.) Akçiçek & Dirmenci comb. et stat. nov. One species (S. ehrenbergii Boiss.) was removed from the flora of Turkey because it was mistakenly reported to grow in Turkey. Descriptions, diagnostic characters, detailed illustrations, distribution maps, and taxonomic comments for these taxa are presented. A phylogenetic analysis using the ITS of the nuclear ribosomal DNA of the examined taxa further confirmed the rearrangements suggested.


ITS, phylogenetics, Lamiaceae, Eriostomum, Stachys, taxonomy

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