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This study was conducted on the anatomical structure of the stems of 9 Salix L. (willow) species (9 taxa) growing in Ankara, Turkey. These taxa are S. triandra L. subsp. triandra, S. alba L., S. excelsa J.F.Gmel., S. fragilis L., S. babylonica L., S. caprea L., S. cinerea L., S. pseudomedemii E.Wolf, and S. amplexicaulis Bory & Chaub. Illustrations and photographs were obtained of microscopic views of cross sections from the stems of each taxon. The differing anatomical structures of stems of the Salix species are suitable for use as an additional tool in identification. Our aim was to contribute information on anatomy for the taxonomy of this highly variable genus. The anatomical study of these 9 species does not indicate significant separations in morphological observations but instead yields data that can be used in taxonomy.


Willow, Salix, Salicaceae, stem anatomy

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