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Verbascum ergin-hamzaoglui Karavel. sp. nova (Sect. Bothrosperma Murb.), is described for the first time to the scientific community from South Anatolia in Turkey. The diagnostic morphological characters of these new species and other closely related species (V. diversifolium Hochst. and V. cymigerum Hub.-Mor.) are discussed. In addition, distribution maps of V. ergin-hamzaoglui and its related species are provided. The pollen morphologies of 3 taxa belonging to Verbascum L. from the family Scrophulariaceae from Turkey were investigated using a light microscope (LM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). This family's pollens show similarities to the eurypalynous family. The pollens of these taxa are generally of radial and isopolar symmetries. Pollen shape changes from subprolate to spheroidal. The shape of the aperture is tricolporate, sculpture is tectate, and ornamentation is reticulate. The seeds of this group are brown and are of oblong shape in V. diversifolium and V. cymigerum, while the shape is ovate in V. ergin-hamzaoglui.


Verbascum, pollen morphology, seed surface, SEM, Turkey

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