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This investigation was carried out between 1996 and 2001 in order to research the vegetation of Nemrut Mountain, one of the most important national historical park of Anatolia, on the south-east Taurus (Adıyaman-Turkey). Vegetation studies have been carried out according to the Braun-Blanquet's method. In this study we determined 7 plant associations, 3 sub associations, and 1 plant community, all of which are syntaxa new to science, in 4 different vegetation types. Associations and its higher units are as follows: Quercetea ilicis Br.-Bl. 1947 Qercetalia ilicis Br.-Bl. 1947 Quercion calliprini Zohary 1962 1. Pistacio khynjuki-Cotinetum coggyriae ass. nova Quercetea pubescentis Doingt, Kraft 1955 Querco-Cedretalia libani Barbero, Loisel & Quezel 1974 2. Astragalo lamarckii-Quercetum brantii ass. nova Querco-Carpinetalia orientalis Akman, Barbero et Quézel 1980 Quercion frainetto Horvat 1954 3. Lonicero ibericae-Aceretum cinerascentis ass. nova Astragalo-Brometea Quézel 1973 4. Astragalo compacti-Amygdaletum arabicae ass. nova 5. Helichryso aucheri- Thymetum kotschyani ass. nova a-) genisto-acantholimetosum acerosi subass. nova b-) putorio-tanacetetosum amanii subass. nova c-) helichryso-tanacetetosum argentei subass. nova 6. Verbasco diversifoliae-Astragaletum cephalotis ass. nova 7. Phlomido capitatae-Thymetum migrici ass. nova 8. Centranthus longiflorus community


East-Mediterranean, Nemrut Mountain, historical-national park, syntaxonomy, vegetation

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