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This study was conducted to investigate foliar nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics, nitrogen and phosphorus resorption, and some leaf traits (i.e. SLA=specific leaf area) in some coastal salt marsh plants located in northern Turkey. The study area is located on the east bank of the Kızılırmak River in the central Black Sea Region. There were statistically significant differences among months (from June to October) in terms of SLA in all species except for Artemisia santonicum. However, no significant differences were found with respect to P in all species. The highest N and P resorption efficiencies were found in Salicornia prostrata, whereas the lowest resorption efficiencies were found in Euphorbia paralias. P resorption proficiency is biochemically complete in all species. N resorption proficiency is biochemically complete except for E. paralias. Additionally, Grime's CSR (C: competitive; S: stress-tolerant; R: ruderal) strategies were also investigated and it was found that all of the species exhibit competitive ruderal strategy.


Coastal salt marshes, Grime's strategies, resorption efficiency and proficiency

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