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In this study, pollen and seed morphology of Velezia L. (Caryophyllaceae) species in Turkey were investigated by light and scanning electron microscopy. The genus is represented by 5 species in Turkey: V. tunicoides P.H.Davis, V. hispida Boiss., V. quadridentata Sibth. & Sm., V. pseudorigida Hub.-Mor. and V. rigida L. Endemism ratio of the genus is 60%, which shows that Turkey is the gene center for this genus. The pollen grains of Velezia species are radially symmetrical and isopolar, oblate-spheroidal, operculate, and polypantoporate, pores with conical spinules on operculum. Pollen ornamentation, pore numbers, exine thickness, pore diameter, operculum ornamentation, and spinule sizes are varying characters between Velezia species. Seeds of Velezia species are bright black when mature; the embryo is straight, the cylindrical seeds are dorsiventrally compressed usually with incurved and thickened margins; the hilum being situated in the centre of the concave surface. Number of seeds in capsule, seed length and width, presence of tubercle, suture shape and the number of suture points per plate are important characters in differentiating Velezia species.


Caryophyllaceae, morphology, pollen, seed, Velezia

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