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Three hundred and two lichenised fungi taxa belonging to 90 genera and 45 lichenicolous fungi taxa belonging to 24 genera are reported from Aladağlar National Park. Of these, 290 lichenised fungi taxa and 21 lichenicolous fungi taxa are reported for the first time from Aladağlar National Park. Nine species of lichenised fungi, namely Arthopyrenia fraxini A.Massal., Aspicilia obscurata (Fr.) Arnold, Cephalophysis leucospila (Anzi) H.Kilias & Scheid., Chaenotheca ferruginea (Turner ex Sm.) Mig., Collema texanum var. texanum Tuck., Leconora usbekica Poelt, Placidium boccanum (Servít) Breuss, Sarcogyne distinguenda Th.Fr., and Verrucaria latericola Erichsen, are new to Turkey. One lichenicolous fungus species, Stigmidium rouxianum Calatayud & Triebel, is new to Turkey. Moreover, one saprobic fungus species, apparently in an initial phase of lichenisation, named Dactylospora mediterranea Sarrión & Hafellner, is also a new record for Turkey and it seems that this species is reported for the first time after its description in 2002. Furthermore, 107 taxa are new to Kayseri province, 97 taxa are new to Niğde province, and 24 taxa are new to Adana province. Comments on taxonomy, habitat, and substrata are provided for some interesting taxa.


Ascomycota, lichens, coelomycetes, hyphomycetes

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