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Soaproot (Radix Gypsophilae) is an important herbal drug having medicinal and economic importance and has been collected from nature for more than 30 years. The main goal of this study was to determine soaproot yielding plant species in East Anatolia, and their potential in nature. Collected plants were determined by field studies; damage to the environment after collection was observed, and commerce, exportation, domestic utilisation of soaproot, and problems and proposed solutions were examined. Soaproot is presently obtained from a total of 7 plant species belonging to 2 genera in Turkey (6 Gypsophila L., 1 Ankyropetalum Fenzl): G. graminifolia Bark, G. arrostii Guss. var. nebulosa (Boiss. & Heldr.) Bark., G. eriocalyx Boiss., G. bicolor (Freyn & Sint.) Grossh., G. perfoliata L., G. venusta Fenzl, and Ankyropetalum gypsophiloides Fenzl. It is determined for the first time that G. graminifolia is also being collected as soaproot from Van province.


Soaproot, Gypsophila, Ankryopetalum

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